Single Mom, Single Day Will Plan

massachusetts women attorney wills estate planningAs a single mom, you want to make sure your children are taken care of if anything happens to you. You are most likely living on a shoestring budget and have every moment of your day dedicated to work or your children. If you are like other single moms I know, you want to have the right documents in place to protect your child but you don’t think you have the time, the energy, or the money to do it. I want to help you and your children. That’s why I created the Single Mom, Single Day Will Plan.  Here is how it works.

You contact me, and we discuss your situation so I can give you a reduced rate based on your circumstances. After you call or email me, I send you a brief questionnaire or we talk by phone or Zoom/Skype so I can get some basic information from you. You electronically pay your reduced fee. For that flat fee, I draft a will with a testamentary trust, which makes sure your children are taken care of if anything happens to you. I also draft your incapacity documents, which include a health care proxy, a durable power of attorney, an advance directive (called a living will in other jurisdictions), and a HIPAA release. Within one business day of receiving the information and payment, I will provide you with the will plan. If you decide to do a more extensive estate plan within one year of that date, I will give you a discount on that plan equal to the reduced fee you have already paid me. The Single Mom, Single Day Plan allows you to have almost immediate peace of mind and also gives you the ability to do a more extensive plan, if you choose to do so, in the future. No more anxiety or sleepness nights worrying about who will take care of your child if you are incapacitated or die. Contact me today so we can get your plan done in a day!