Wills can protect your children, your spouse, your home, your business, and your assets.

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Trusts avoid probate, help lower or avoid estate taxes, and help in special situations.

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Incapacity Documents

Incapacity documents protect your family, home, and business if you are injured.

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Pet Trusts

Pet trusts take care of the furry, winged, scaled, and finned members of your family.

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Resources concerning wills, trusts, and incapacity documents that you can download for free.

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Read about issues concerning wills and trusts that are of particular interest to women.

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Helping Massachusetts Women with Estate Planning

Joanne L. Belasco, Esq.I am Jo Belasco, Esq, and I practice Massachusetts estate planning. I know that, as a woman, you want an attorney who understands your unique needs when it comes to wills and trusts. Perhaps you are a single mom with kids on a tight budget and with little free time to go to an attorney’s office. Maybe you’re a single woman with no children at all who needs advice concerning what you should do with your assets. If you are married, you want to plan for the likelihood that you will outlive your husband, and if you are in a same-sex marriage, you want to ensure your marriage rights are protected in your estate planning. As an older woman, you may be worried about losing your house if you have to enter a nursing home. No matter your situation, you want an attorney who listens to you and explains your options in plain English and without being condescending. I provide you with information about wills, trusts, and emergency documents that fit your life situation and needs.

My firm, Windhorse Legal, PLLC, is a web-based law firm, which means I offer my services by phone, email, and Skype or Zoom, so we can discuss your needs at a time that is convenient to you. Doing business this way also allows me to offer affordable rates, which is important when you consider the pay gap most women experience. I provide reasonable flat-rate fees for most of my services and am up front about fees during our initial consultation because I understand how important it is to be able to budget for necessary legal services.

Contact me today, and let’s discuss your situation so you can have peace of mind about your estate planning needs.